Disinfectant Produced for 90 Days Protection Against Coronavirus


Scientists have announced that a new disinfectant spray they developed provides long-term protection on surfaces by destroying most bacteria and viruses, including coronavirus. The spray, which has heat sensitive components, will be available after clinical tests.

Scientists from the University of Science and Technology of Hong Kong announced that they have developed a new antimicrobial spray that can kill most bacteria and viruses, including coronavirus. Researchers say the new disinfectant spray provides 90 days of protection on the surfaces.

According to the statement from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), the antimicrobial coating, called MAP-1, was designed for use on a variety of surfaces, including glass, metal, plastic, leather and fabrics. The surface spray provides significantly longer protection than alcoholic disinfectants that lose their function as they evaporate.

Heat sensitive antimicrobial spray, non-toxic
The spray is based on heat-sensitive polymers that respond to contamination from contact or droplets. The surface coating releases a greater amount of disinfectant when we touch a surface with our hands, or when it senses the temperature rise caused by moisture created by the droplets.

Antiviral spray tests were conducted last February and are expected to go on sale in Hong Kong in May. Researchers say the components of the coating are non-toxic, and used the spray in shopping malls, schools, churches, and sports training facilities in Hong Kong. It is not yet known whether MAP-1 will be available in other countries. The spread of the coronavirus has eased over the past week in Hong Kong, where no new cases have been seen. As of yesterday, Hong Kong reported 1,038 cases and 4 deaths in total.


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