“Disheveled drunk Henry Cavill” from “Enola Holmes 2” wins all the hearts of fans


(SPOILER ALERT: This article mentions a specific scene from “Enola Holmes 2.”) In September 2020, Netflix presented us with a fresh look at detective films with the quirky and hilarious Enola Holmes. Bringing to the fore Enola, the lesser-known of the Holmes brothers and sisters, the film assigned the great Sherlock Holmes a supporting role. Nevertheless, Henry Cavill perfectly played the iconic character. So much so that the audience waited with bated breath for the continuation.

After long waits, on November 4, the premiere of the film “Enola Holmes 2” took place on Netflix. Although it’s still early, the reaction to the mysterious film has so far been extremely positive. In fact, one scene in particular makes Henry Cavill’s fans completely admire the British actor.

Henry Cavill fans suck up to his drunken scene from “Enola Holmes 2”

While the film focuses on Millie Bobby Brown as Enola, Henry Cavill is still an extremely important part of the narrative in the film. Having said that, the Witcher’s actor completely overshadows everyone with his performance in one scene. Enola bumps into Sherlock, her super famous older brother, and finds him drunk and furious outside a pub. Then there is a fantastic manifestation of Cavill’s acting skills.

From his slurred speech to his shaky moments, Cavill’s performance as an inebriated Sherlock is absolutely on top. Unsurprisingly, his fans on Twitter can’t help but express their appreciation and adoration for him and his acting abilities. From the fact that he called it the highlight of the whole movie, to admiration for his appearance, his fans react differently to the scene in question.

One fan even illustrated how great it would be to have a “disheveled drunk Henry Cavill as Sherlock Holmes” in his life.

Another Twitter user compared the drunk Cavill to Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean. the pinnacle of cinematic drunkenness!

One super-fan even pointed out the injustice of Henry Cavill, who still looks like a million dollars despite being completely drunk.

In an interview with USA Today, Cavill shared the secret of how to convincingly play a drunk on the screen. He told how, when sober, the actor of “The Man from UNCLE” jokingly practiced “drunk conversation” several times.

“The illegibility of words, I think, is the key. Physically playing drunk can fall into absurdity if you are not careful,” the dashing actor ranted.

What do you think of Henry Cavill’s intoxicating and intoxicating performance? Let us know in the comments. In the meantime, you can watch Enola Holmes 2 broadcast on Netflix.


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