DisguisedToast Claims “Sharp” Jokes Cost Him Twitch Sponsorship


Streaming star Jeremy “DisguisedToast” Wang said that a sharp joke recently put him at a dead end with a sponsor when they terminated a deal with him.

Since the streamers have created a huge loyal audience, they have been able to turn this popularity into sponsorship opportunities.

Some streamers have made great strides by getting their own sponsors on PCs and peripherals, while others have contacted food and beverage brands. There is a wide range of deals for some of the biggest names on Twitch.

In the case of DisguisedToast, he has several sponsors of his own, including those who also work with OfflineTV and other creators under his auspices. However, he claimed that one of the sponsors dumped him because of a joke he made during the stream.

DisguisedToast stated that the sponsor refused to participate because of a sharp joke
During a recent round of Hearthstone games, the OTV star asked his viewers about how “edgy” he could be with the name for his favorite deck in the Blizzard title.

Explaining his thoughts on this matter, he said that he got into an unpleasant situation with the sponsor because of a similar attack of nervousness. “The other day I found out that I lost my sponsorship because I made a joke in porn,” said Toast.

“I won’t go into details because I don’t want to lose any more sponsors, but I made a joke in porn and one of my sponsors refused, just like them.”


The Twitch star quickly moved away from the conversation and focused on Hearthstone again, but that didn’t stop some viewers from trying to figure out who exactly broke off the relationship with Toast.

Although some suggested that he was playing a long game and was joking, given his reference to the sponsor’s departure. So, who knows exactly where Toast stands with its sponsors.


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