Disguised Toast Reveals Sleep Problems Since First Boxing Fight at Ludwig Event


Streaming star Jeremy “Toast in Disguise” Wang revealed that he had trouble sleeping after his boxing debut, and he even dreamed of fighting Andrew Tate.

Over the past few years, content creators from a wide variety of backgrounds have become involved in boxing. Not everyone has gone as far as Jake Paul or KSI and entered the professional ranks, but they still mixed it up in the ring.

At first, Disguised Toast from OfflineTV was a little hesitant about boxing, but he entered the ring as part of Ludwig’s chess boxing tournament, fighting PointCrow in a real boxing match and a game of chess.

Toast won this competition on the chessboard by checkmating, but the boxing side of things seems to have had a long-term impact, since he can’t sleep for so long now.

Masked Toast “dreams” of fighting with Andrew Tate

The streamer revealed the problem during his stream on December 31, because, according to him, he has been “shaking” from sleep from time to time since he entered the ring.

“After my boxing match, I can’t sleep for a long time,” Toast said. “I just woke up every three hours, I don’t know why. It’s like I’m going to wake up. This is going to sound very stupid, but yesterday I was shocked because I thought I should have a boxing match with Andrew Tate, because everyone was talking about Andrew Tate in my social media chronicle.”

He said he woke up at 3 a.m. because he “needed” to fight with a recently arrested controversial commentator.

Toast added that he felt “bad” because it was supposed to be a “meme” event, but now he can’t sleep. “Something about it seems silly, I think, but it makes me uncomfortable to talk about it because I think it’s stupid,” he continued.

Many viewers urged Toast to seek professional help to see if there were any lingering consequences of the fight. Although it is unknown what his next actions will be.


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