Disguised as a nurse, enters ex-partner’s workplace


A subject disguised himself as a nurse and entered a hospital where his ex-partner Lucero Rubí Ojeda, worked there to kill her and then commit suicide.

The events occurred in the municipality of Ensenada, in the state of Baja California, in Mexico. The criminal, identified as Pedro Martínez, entered the hospital where the mother of his son worked to commit the crime.

The 26-year-old victim had filed four complaints in 2020, two for aggravated injuries and another two for illegal deprivation of liberty, the last of the claims was registered on September 10, according to the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) .

According to the victim’s co-workers, they indicated that Rubí had been suffering violence for several years, so eight months ago she decided to separate and shortly before her life was taken from her, she went to the prosecutor’s office to find out the progress of your complaint.

Apparently, the authorities did not attend to the victim, since the facilities would have been closed due to the pandemic due to the coronavirus or COVID-19, a complaint in which he had accused Pedro Martínez of kidnapping, beatings and threats.

According to investigations, days before committing the femicide, Pedro took Lucero to the beach where he began to beat her and threatened her with a weapon, for which municipal police officers detained the subject, but released him shortly after.

On the day of the crime, Pedro, who entered the scene disguised as a nurse, shot his ex-partner in the chest and head, then barricaded himself in the clinic’s premises and took his own life. Although paramedics wanted to transfer him to a hospital, the man remained and died on the way, police reports detailed.


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