After discussions, Tesla paralyzes factories in California and New York


After several conversations between Tesla and local officials, Elon Musk’s company decided to temporarily stop work at its car factories in California and solar panels in New York. The shutdown begins on Monday (23) and is part of the protocols to prevent the global pandemic of the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2).

“Despite taking all known health precautions, the continued operation in certain locations caused challenges for our employees, family members and suppliers. As such, we decided to temporarily suspend production at the two factories,” says the company statement, issued by the head of Company Human Resources, Valerie Workman.

Employees working hourly at both plants “will continue to receive their normal pay until Monday, after which we will provide paid vacation during suspended operations,” he adds. “Anyone working from home should continue to do this and consider business as usual. We understand that you will have a lot of questions and will provide additional resources in the coming hours and days, ”says Valerie.

Tesla says it will keep some “basic operations” in place, such as working on its battery charging infrastructure. Gigafactory in Nevada will continue to operate normally, despite a recent initiative by the state governor calling for all “non-essential” companies to close.

Vehicle deliveries are expected to continue for the period, still undetermined. The company says it is leveraging the connectivity of its vehicles’ apps and smartphones to implement “contactless deliveries” in “many locations”. “Customers can unlock their new cars in a delivery parking lot, using the Tesla app, sign any remaining relevant documents that have been placed in the car and return it to a delivery location before leaving,” says Tesla.

According to the statement, Elon Musk’s group, the US $ 6.3 billion in cash it had at the end of 2019, as well as the US $ 2.3 billion raised in February, will be “enough to successfully navigate for a long period of time. uncertainty”.

Closure occurs after discussions with authorities
The leaders of six counties in the San Francisco Bay area announced the order to close all “non-essential businesses” on Monday (16). However, Tesla kept its car plant open. On Tuesday night (17), the Alameda County sheriff said the company fell into this category and that the company should only carry out the most basic operations, such as payments.

Still, the unit remained functioning normally. Valerie’s justification for employees was that Tesla had been considered “critical national infrastructure” by the Department of Homeland Security, although the government agency has not confirmed this. The guidelines released by its cybersecurity agency, this Thursday (19), did not include the manufacturer among those listed as “critical infrastructure”.

Even today, the local police department pointed out that the city’s chief of police and administration staff were scheduled to meet with “Tesla factory management” to “discuss cooperation for compliance with the health official’s order. county. ” Thus, a few hours later, Tesla announced the closure of the factory.


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