Discussion Rooms Feature Coming to Google Meet


Google’s video conferencing service, Google Meet, is preparing to offer another new feature to its users. Discussion rooms feature is added to the Google Meet service in a short time.

With the coronavirus epidemic, video conferencing services have started to be in high demand, and companies that offer this service are trying to bring the user experience to better points by adding new features to their services.

One of the most used services in this field is Google’s video conferencing service Google Meet. Here, Google adds another new feature to this video conferencing service: breakout rooms.

Discussion rooms feature to Google Meet

Google Meet’s new discussion rooms feature will first roll out to G Suite Enterprise for Education users. With this feature, teachers and educators will be able to split their classes into smaller groups for projects or focus discussions.

With this feature, where 100 discussion groups can be created in a single session, when it is decided how many discussion rooms are set up, Google will randomly group people in rooms. However, if requested, managers will be able to add people to different groups. Apart from that, administrators will be able to switch between groups to control.

Discussion rooms feature will be made available to other users in a short time. According to the statement made by Google, the feature will be available in other G Suite and Google Workspace editions this year.

Zoom, the most used video conferencing service during the COVID-19 outbreak, has been offering its users the feature of discussion rooms for many years. So we can say that Google is trying to catch Zoom with this move. However, in Zoom, unlike Google Meet, it can be divided into 50 rooms, not 100 rooms. As we said above, Google Meet continues to constantly add new features to compete with its competitors during this epidemic process.

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