Discovered Natural Antibiotics Effective for Every Disease


Russian scientists announced that they have discovered a new natural antibiotic. Experts announced that this antibiotic is already universal.

The discovery of antibiotics had a huge impact on human life. At first, viruses to antibiotics used in almost every problem began to develop immunity over time. This led to the search for different antibiotics.

New news came from Russia in antibiotic research. A new natural antibiotic was discovered in a study conducted under the leadership of the Division State University and with the support of other scientific institutes of the country. The new antibiotic has been classified as “universal,” meaning it can be used to treat many bacterial and fungal problems in humans and animals.

Revolutionary discovery

The discovery, announced in an article published in the journal Applied Biochemistry and Microbiology, is considered a revolutionary in the field. According to the authors of the magazine, this new antibiotic can be used to treat a significant number of diseases caused by bacteria and fungi.

Researchers from the Tumen State University are also one of the tasks of pharmacology, to find natural drugs that can be used to combat microorganisms that can show absolute resistance to antibiotics in the market, called MDR, or XDR.

The newly discovered substance eliminates the capacity of bacteria to form biofilms. Thus, pathogens cannot create resistance to antibiotics. According to the authors of the study, the drug developed with the newly discovered substance is a valuable resource for an independent treatment and can be used in combination with other treatment products.

Bacteria resistance increases

In recent years, health organizations have frequently warned about the use of unnecessary and erroneous antibiotics and carried out awareness-raising activities. Because every misused antibiotic causes pathogens to increase their resistance even more. For this reason, bacteria, microbes and viruses that evolved later are less affected by the drugs we have, and it becomes difficult to develop treatment.

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The study of Russian scientists shows that we have some defense chances against superbacteria from this perspective. Nevertheless, it would be best not to take risks and to use our medicines as prescribed by doctors.


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