Discovered Genius Water 4.4 Billion Years ago on Mars


Scientists who conducted research on a meteorite that broke off from Mars and reached Earth as a result of tectonic movements or meteorite impacts, discovered that there was water on Mars even 4.4 billion years ago.

Prof. An international team of researchers led by Takashi Mikouchi conducted detailed investigations of a rock in the Sahara Desert that has been found to have broken off from Mars and came to Earth, with strong findings supporting the theories that the Red Planet was once a habitable planet. achieved.

Taking 50 grams of samples from Mars rocks named NWA 7034 and NWA 7533 and discovered in the Sahara Desert a few years ago, Prof. “Our samples were subjected to 4 different types of spectroscopic analysis,” Mikouchi wrote in the article of the study published in Science Advances. The analysis led our team to some exciting results. ” used the expressions.

Prof. As a result of the studies carried out by Mikouchi and his team, it was determined that there was water on the Red Planet Mars even 4.4 billion years ago. Planetary scientists’ estimates so far have been that there has been water on Mars for about 3.7 billion years. The new findings have moved Mars’ “water history” 700 million years back.

Prof. While Mikouchi stated that the karstic rocks in the rock fragment in question consisted of magma and generally formed by oxidation as a result of impact; He stated that oxidation in the meteorite under study could occur only during an impact that melted part of the crust, when water was present on or in the Martian crust.

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As we know it, water is among the indispensable elements for the existence of life. Therefore, if a planet contains water, there is a possibility that life can develop. For this reason, scientists are looking for traces of life on Mars or other planets, primarily to determine whether there is water on the planet now or in the past.


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