Discover what is the worst defect of your zodiac sign


No human being is perfect, especially when we talk about their behavior. Each person has a personality that distinguishes them from others and, although they have outstanding virtues, they also have defects of which they cannot be very proud.

According to astrology, tZhe signs of the Zodiac have several weaknesses in their character, but one is the one that stands out above the others. Know what is the worst defect in your horoscope.

Aires’ worst flaw is selfishness and that is that she usually sees people only as a means to achieve her goals. Her level of empathy is low, she is interested in being the only one and it is not uncommon for her to see others as inferior.

The weakness that distinguishes Taurus is their stubbornness. When you make a decision, it is virtually impossible for you to change your mind, despite knowing that you are wrong. He is blinded by his stubbornness and he will not give in to anything, he has one last word.

Unfortunately Gemini is two-faced; Just as he can speak well of you, he can also criticize you behind your back. They are usually excellent friends, but they always hide a dark side.

Cancer’s worst flaw is its extreme sensitivity. Being an emotional sign, you can quickly get offended so your mood will change from one second to the next.

He is very egocentric, thinks that the world revolves around him and is the best at everything. He considers that criticism is synonymous with jealousy and others should treat him like the king of the jungle.

The weakness that stands out in Virgo is its rigidity. They tend to think that their logic is the only one that counts and they justify their behavior by interpreting things at their convenience as they are considered perfect.

The flaw that sets Libra apart is its laziness. When you sit down to watch TV or your favorite series there is no one to pick you up from the couch. They are usually quite sleepy and it is not uncommon for them to be delayed in any activity.

Lust is Scorpio’s weakness. One night stands and chance encounters are the common denominator and if you have a partner, you will never want to get out of bed. Everyone needs a break!

Instability is the worst defect of this sign. You are never satisfied with anything, you can start a project, but leave it in the middle. His need to feel free and always on the go makes him very volatile and somewhat irresponsible.

Ambition is Capricorn’s weakness as he always aspires to reach the top no matter what he has to do. You can reach out to people for convenience and if they no longer serve you, you will dismiss them from your life without qualms.

The lightness with which he takes things seriously is Aquarius’ worst flaw. And it is that being a very independent sign it is difficult for him to create emotional empathy, take things responsibly and if he sees problems approaching he is very adept at disappearing.

Pisces sins of imagination which prevents him from having his feet on the ground, being in reality. His head is always in the clouds and he spends it in alternate worlds, unknown to others.


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