Discover what depresses each zodiac sign the most


Depression can be caused by various things and regularly occurs according to the difficulties that affect us in life. For example, for one person it may be ideal to stay home doing absolutely nothing, but for another it could be the worst.

According to astrology, the signs of the zodiac reveal to us what factors can be what triggers our depression. There is no doubt that sadness affects everyone, but it does not depress us all the same.

Learn what causes depression in your zodiac sign, according to the Your Tango site.


Aries get depressed when they feel ignored and if attention is not focused on them. They need the approval of others and when they don’t get it, they go under.


Feeling stagnant is what brings Taurus down. While it is routine and makes it easier for you to find comfortable situations, a lack of progress can make you sad.


Anguish is the worst thing that can happen to Geminis. Not knowing who could betray him, for example, or not knowing what will happen to the project for which he worked so hard, completely sinks him.


It may seem superficial, but Cancer cares a lot about your appearance. If you consider that you do not look good, you fall into depression.


Leo gets upset when he doesn’t get what he wants, be it a person, thing, or idea. You need to be in control and when things don’t go according to plan, you get depressed.


Oddly enough, he gets depressed thinking about his own life. You tend to over-analyze and create fictional scenarios in your head, and these scenarios always end in disaster.

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The lack of control in his life is what depresses this zodiac sign. You need to have everything under supervision to feel calm, otherwise you can freak out.


The feeling of fear is what depresses Scorpio. They enjoy living without fear, doing what they want, and reaping the fruits of their efforts.


Loneliness is what triggers sadness in the most adventurous sign of the horoscope. Although Sagittarius is lonely, he worries that he won’t be able to share his life with someone.


Aging depresses Capricorn. They never fully accept that it is a natural process and they always fight against all odds. They are the first to undergo surgery to change their appearance, but sooner or later, the aging virus hits them hard.


Being pointed out their mistakes depresses them. They are not used to defending themselves, so when they must, they feel desperate.


Family crises are what most depress Pisces. They are sensitive and want life at home to be pure harmony.


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