Discover Ways To Put A Password On Your WhatsApp


WhatsApp is an end-to-end encrypted application that ensures your conversations and exchanged files are protected. However, there is a risk that third parties gain access to your device and access the content by handling your mobile phone.

To avoid this problem, today TecMundo brings two solutions to protect your WhatsApp from unauthorized access, with passwords and other layers of protection. Check out:

Two-step verification

With “Two-Step Confirmation” enabled, your WhatsApp will from time to time ask you to enter your registered PIN to open the application. This verification will also be used if you want to log in the same WhatsApp account on another device, in order to prevent possible cloning. Learn how to activate verification and register the PIN:

1. On WhatsApp, go to “Settings” options.

2. Then, in the “Account” option.

3. Then press “Two-Step Confirmation”.

4. Press the “Enable” option. The app will ask you to register a six-number PIN code.

5. After confirming the PIN, enter an email that will be used to assist with recovery if you have any problems with your WhatsApp account.

6. Okay, the security PIN is enabled on your device. Remember not to share this code with anyone.


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