Discover Voyager Station, the world’s first space hotel


Aerospace company Orbital Assembly Corporation (OAC) recently unveiled new conceptual images of the world’s first space hotel. Named Voyager Station, the project is scheduled to be delivered in 2027.

According to the company, the space station will have the structure of a luxury hotel with a capacity for 400 people. Thus, the “suites” will be individual capsules connected to a rotating wheel that will orbit the Earth.

As a traditional hotel, Voyager Station will have restaurants, bars, gyms, spas, cinemas, libraries and an Earth observation post. Another highlight is the concert hall, which, as indicated by the OAC, will receive the main musicians on the planet.

Most of the booths will be sold to government agencies that will use the place as a working environment. Then, the other suites will be available for “space tourists”.

Thus, the proposal is to allow people to spend months at the station. For this, the structure will rotate around the Earth every 90 minutes and the rotation will create an artificial gravity similar to that of the Moon.

“Voyager Station is a rotating space station designed to produce varying levels of artificial gravity. This is an essential element for long-term housing in space ”, highlights the official website.

Voyager Station already accepts reservations

Although you are accepting reservations, accommodation at the world’s first space hotel will not be accessible. According to the Voyager Station website, traveling to space and spending a season at the station can cost up to $ 25 million.

The CAB did not disclose the cost for the construction of the project, but it will certainly have a very high value. For example, the International Space Station built by NASA cost $ 150 billion and the structure houses up to six astronauts.

Therefore, a space for 400 people will require a large financial investment. For this reason, the OAC and the Gateway Foundation, responsible for the development of the capsules, request that interested parties invest in the project and make the reservations.


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