Discover the most searched sites by Brazilians in 2021


A survey carried out by Semrush, a North American competitive intelligence company, analyzed the behavior of the Brazilian population on the web, pointing out the 100 most searched sites during February 2021. The document will have monthly updates so that market changes are noticed and documented. After all, in the face of so many important events in Brazil, the scenario is ripe for change.

As the source indicates, one of the highlights was the presence of multiple state government websites on the list – which makes sense, considering the demand for information related to covid-19 and updates regarding the government, which has undergone frequent changes.

In this sense, the page of the State Government of São Paulo appears in 6th place, with 781.5 million visits. In the top 50, there are also government sites in Paraná, Bahia, Rio Grande do Sul, Goiás and Ceará.

Social networks and online retail

Another highlight indicated by Semrush is social networks. Given the need for social distance, this trend may have intensified, as users try to maintain proximity to people they know through their profiles on the internet.

According to the survey, Facebook led the segment, but another 5 social networks were present in the top 20 – information that reinforces, even, the search for content and digital entertainment. Instagram appeared in 11th place with 307 million visits and Twitter, in 18th place, with 134 million.

In a previous article, we indicated that online shopping in Brazil grew 47% in 2020, despite the economic crisis. Apparently, this trend has continued, as e-commerce sites have appeared among the 20 most accessed sites. Representing the segment were Mercado Livre, Americanas and Magazine Luiza. The global giant Amazon, however, was out of the top 20, occupying the 23rd position with 108.9 million visits.


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