Discover the first great deals PS5 games on the PS Store


PlayStation Store gives you the opportunity to expand your catalog of PS5 games for a lower amount than usual. So are their January sales.

The January slope becomes more bearable with sales like the one we find in the PlayStation Store. If you’ve made the leap to the next generation, you’ll find an assortment of deeply discounted PS5 games perfect to take advantage of (or brand new) your shiny console. You have until January 19 to dive into a catalog full of games that remain below their usual price. Although we focus on the fifth generation of PlayStation, if you are a PS4 user you will also have your place.

Buying from the PS Store ensures immediate access from anywhere and anytime to the PlayStation family digital store. You have the main payment methods at your disposal. Whether you want to checkout with your card, PayPal or gift cards, you have in your hand to choose the option that best suits you. And without forgetting the best: open 24 hours a day and with the confidence that your data is safe. The Three Wise Men know this very well: during stops on their journey around the globe, the PS Store is part of their virtual roadmap.

In this piece we will review seven of the PS5 games. If you want to discover the full offers yourself, click on this link.

FIFA 21 Beckham Edition

FIFA 21 is the king of virtual football. EA Sports continues year after year demonstrating the reasons why it is unrivaled with the body between the feet. This year’s delivery is even more special, since it shares the stage with the new generation edition. By purchasing it on PS4 prior to the release of FIFA 22, you’ll be eligible to upgrade your copy once you make the jump to PS5. All your progress in FIFA Ultimate Team and VOLTA Soccer will transfer between consoles in the same family, so you will not lose progress. Break the limits and build your off-road team in the game all sports fans talk about. Enhancements to PS5 make experiencing FIFA never before been so realistic, starting at the controller. With the DualSense you will feel how the players are losing resistance as the minutes pass thanks to the adaptive triggers. The graphic finish allows you to appreciate hundreds of details never seen before, starting on the grass and ending in the players’ hair. Lighting enhancements make FIFA 21 on PS5 the best place to experience real football.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Treyarch, creators of the Black Ops subsaga, return in 2020 with a delivery that exudes a classic aroma. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War means fighting again under the neon lights of the 80s. As Americans are used to, the title is made up of three aspects: campaign, multiplayer and zombies. A trio of experiences that make up a package for any type of group. Whether you want to join forces with your friends mowing down hordes of Nazi zombies, or experience the adrenaline rush of solo missions, Call of Duty gives you the kind of fun you’ll only find in it. On PS5 you will feel the resistance of pulling the trigger thanks to the enhancements driven in the DualSense. Each type of weapon has its own action, which will put you right into the action. Carry the weapon in your hands thanks to the next generation PlayStation controller.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Ubisoft has us used to making us travel through history through the eyes of the ancestors of the order of assassins. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla takes us back to the 9th century AD. We are Eivor, a character who leads together with his adoptive brother, Sigurd, the Raven Clan. You must leave the frigid waters of Norway behind to make a name for yourself in England, your new home. After years of Viking invasions, the locals will not accept your presence. Thus begins a game of alliances in which you will have to win friendships in the crown of all the counties. The study follows the path of the mechanics marked in Origins and Odyssey and introduces changes linked to the origins of the saga, such as social stealth and the hidden blade. Experience the opportunity to experience the Viking’s Path like never before thanks to PS5. In the new generation you will be able to enjoy it with the fluidity offered by the 60 images per second and at 4K resolution.


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