Discover the best video converters to use on PC


Video converters are practical and useful software for different situations, allowing you to change the format of a recording in a few clicks. Using these tools, you can make clips compatible with virtually any device, ensuring content preview.

There are several options for downloadable programs for this purpose, both free and paid. With them, we transform files into AVI, MPEG, MP4, MKV, DivX and countless other formats, avoiding common compatibility problems, especially when downloading videos or dealing with old material.

Looking for a good alternative to modify the format of your clips? Discover the best video converters to use on your PC by checking the suggestions below.

Any Video Converter

One of the most popular video converters for Windows, AVC is free and has compatibility with over 100 formats, according to the developer, which informs about the possibility of keeping 100% of the quality of the original recording. It even has some extra features like video editor and YouTube download tool.


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