Discover the apps that access your location on Android


We have more and more personal and confidential information stored on our phones, however, there is something that can say a lot about us without our realizing it. We refer to our location or location. That someone can know our location is undoubtedly a great assault on our privacy, for that reason, we are going to show how to know which applications can access this information on Android.

Most people do not usually pay attention to the permissions requested by each of the applications that they install on their mobile phones, however, there are many more than we think that request access to this information. Luckily, as of Android 11 it is possible to grant this type of permissions to applications during use, but that they stop having it as soon as we close them on our mobile phone. Something that is not possible with previous versions.

In any case, and regardless of the version of Android we have, it is advisable to check which apps are accessing our location to protect our privacy. To do this, the first thing we have to do is enter the settings of our Android mobile or tablet, something we can do by tapping on the application itself or by sliding the notifications screen down to be able to click on the gear icon.

Prevent certain applications from accessing this information

Once there, the next thing we are going to do is enter the Privacy menu option and then Permissions> Location. Depending on the Android version or the presentation layer of the manufacturer of our mobile phone, it is possible that these options may vary a little. In addition, we may have to go to this option through the Settings menu options> Applications> Permissions> Location.

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One way or another, at the end we will be shown a list of all those apps that have access to our location. Specifically, we can see two lists, one with the applications that can access our location at all times and those that can only do so while they are in use. If we have already denied access to this information to an app, then it will also appear in another section at the bottom.

To change the access permissions to our location to any application, just touch on it and choose if we want to grant that permission or if, on the contrary, we prefer to deny access to our location.


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