Discover the amazing filter that RM used Attention ARMY!


Through the official Instagram account of the South Korean band BTS, they revealed an adorable RM filter that you cannot miss.

RM, the leader of the boy band BTS, took the ARMY’s breath away by sharing such a charming and adorable moment, as it all came up through the official Instagram account of the South Korean band where they shared some surprising moments of the idols of the group.

And, Namjoon has become one of the favorites of the group, because in addition to being such a responsible, talented boy and a great dancer, one of the characteristics that girls fall in love with is his perfect look and of course his smile.

Although in a new publication made by the official BTS Instagram account, some details of each of the idols were released, but the one who captivated the ARMY without a doubt was the South Korean rapper, who left his fans fascinated by his physical and its disclosures.

BTS’s RM shares adorable filter on Instagram

Everything arose in the social networks of the K-Pop band, where the 26-year-old singer answered an interesting question, because he was asked what makes him feel alive, the leader of the group revealed that it is when he sings, well He has a powerful voice that drives his fans crazy.

The revelations of the singer RM left the ARMY very excited, even a Twitter account dedicated to his favorite idol, shared that response from the artist, you can even see a fun filter of the boy band, because as part of the comeback, they shared some details of idols.

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RM of the South Korean group, has left his admirers very excited by each video that he stars in social networks, so in Somagnews, we will be sharing more details of the occurrences that the leader of the band BTS makes. Did you like the rapper’s response?


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