Discover some releases from the beginning of 2021


Whether for fans of Playstation, Xbox or Nintendo, the beginning of the year brings great expectations about game launches and new franchises. For 2021 it was no different, even with some postponements this year, we had good launches that are worth checking out.

Already known franchises, such as Super Mario and Hitman, are some examples of releases available and that we will present in this content. Check it out below.

The Medium

Considered one of the best games released in 2021, The Medium is a survival horror game in which we control Marianne, a medium who has the ability to move between the real and the spiritual world, which she considers a curse.

If you like a dense story, The Medium presents a linear script with a great immersion in the universe of the mysterious and monstrous plot. The Game is available for Xbox Series and PC.

Hitman 3

One of the most anticipated games, Hitman 3 is the eighth title in the franchise and the last in the World of Assassination trilogy. The game concludes the Agent 47 saga in pursuit of the leaders of the secret organization Providence, which controls shady deals around the world.

The game of the mysterious hired killer is now available on all platforms.

Control Ultimate Edition

If you like third-person shooter games and complex history, Control may be a good choice for you.

Nominated for Best Game of the Year at the Game Awards, the story follows Jesse Faden, who takes on the role of director of the Control Office, a secret government agency, and has to deal with forcing supernaturals to complete the search for her little brother. .

In Control Ultimate Edition, the package comes with the base game and the EMA expansions, which mixes the universes of Faden with Alan Wake, and The Foundation, which brings new information about the Old House and the game’s storyline.


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