Although Rosalia has become the most listened to Spanish artist on Spotify worldwide, it does not have to be part of your most reproduced voices in your profile of this platform. Nor that of Anuel AA, which has also been named as the most listened to in our country.

And is that Spotify has returned another year with its personalized summary of how your 2019 has been, in a matter of melodies. In this way, you can discover which artists and songs have starred in your year, accompanying you every day and every afternoon of the session of temazos. But how can you discover your personal summary? Very easy!

If you want to discover it through the application of your mobile device, you just have to access it and click on the home screen. Subsequently, you must access the information box at the beginning. “Find out how your 2019 has sounded,” he says.

In this way, show what your tastes have been during the seasons of the year, your most listened to artist, the ranking of the Top 5 of your favorites, the countries to which the artists you have played during the year belong, your favorite musical genres and The songs you liked the most. But that is not all! The platform automatically generates a playlist of all these songs that you have loved to hear so much during the year, thus becoming the perfect song list.

In addition, Spotify shows how long you have used your platform since you created your account, as well as the music and artist that have marked your decade, year by year. We call this a whole review.

If instead you want to discover your tastes of the year and the decade through the website, from your mobile device or computer, you must access this link, log in and immediately show your summary.


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