Discover Kim Kardashian routine for buttock augmentation


One of the most outstanding aspects of Kim Kardashian is the size of her buttocks, which acquire those proportions through a particular exercise regimen. If you are interested in learning more about her butt augmentation routine, you will find more details below.


An article on the Vogue portal tells us a bit about the glute and leg routine created by Melissa Alcántara, Kim Kardashian’s personal trainer. According to her, a 45-minute routine would be enough to strengthen these two sections of the body.

Of these 45 minutes, you should dedicate between 5 and 9 to warm up through extensive stretches for arms and legs. This is especially necessary for people who will be sitting for several hours or who were in a chair for a large part of the day.

Front weighted squats

This exercise is performed with a 4-beat set of 15 squats each. Melissa adds sandbags to increase the weight, but if you are a beginner and don’t have something similar, you can grab a backpack and fill it with books or whatever you can find.

At first, you should start with two kilograms, and increase as you progress.

Squat with one arm lift

This exercise should be done in 4 sets of 10 repetitions each. What Melissa does is take a weight that she brings to the ground along with her body and then lift it, stretching her arm as a whole. Like the previous exercise, you can replace the weight with whatever you find at home.


They are lifts with weights that are distributed in four sets of 15 repetitions each. At this point in the routine, your body is likely to have the adrenaline needed to move forward.

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Take two backpacks with three books each and place them on the floor. Then stretch your arms to pick them up and bring them to waist level.

You can choose to perform this routine as long as your health is not impaired. If it does occur, the smartest thing you can do is suspend the routine and consider whether to readjust it or find a healthier alternative to buttock augmentation.


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