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The streaming service Disney Plus arrived in Brazil at the end of 2020, bringing a multitude of unmissable content. Willing to reach the whole family, there you can find animated classics, Marvel and Pixar films, as well as Star Wars series and films and also some content from Disney’s newest acquisition, Fox.

However, the coronavirus pandemic has fueled several new content consumption mechanisms. With the closing of cinemas, the exhibitor market lost space for the comfort of digital platforms and, recently, many companies announced that their next releases will be available simultaneously in streaming services.

This is the case of Disney Plus, which created Premier Access within this context. The feature is made available within the original platform, but requires an additional payment in order to function. When new specific content is added to the streaming, it can be watched through this channel.

Learn more about Disney Premier Access

Through Disney Plus accounts you can watch movies and series. However, some of the best films, which were initially intended for movie theaters, had their release hampered by the crisis in the exhibition market.

Remember that when Mulan’s live-action was released, the audience was able to watch it through Disney Premier Access. The strategy was adopted to somehow recover the huge investment that the film had to be produced.

Check the value of the service and how to use it

Apparently, the value can vary according to each launch. One of the last films available via Premier Access was Raya and the Last Dragon. To watch the animated production in streaming, you must purchase it for R $ 69.90. Just search for the movie on the platform and click on Order Premier Access.

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After entering the payment information – which may differ from the Disney Plus subscription – the film will be released immediately for access and transmission. The entire process can be done on Disney Plus accounts included in the subscription plan or just one, in addition to working on all devices compatible with the service.

After payment, how many times can the movie be watched by Premier Access?

After confirmation of payment, the film is available almost unlimited. Just as the information released by Disney Plus points out, once paid, the movie can be watched as many times as the subscriber wants until the date previously stipulated and as long as they keep their Disney Plus subscription active for the period.

According to the launches already available via Premier Access, each one will present its own particularity. Mulan’s live-action, for example, debuted through Premier Access on September 4, 2020 – when Disney Plus was not yet available in Brazil – and could be seen by all those who wanted to purchase the modality for about 2 months.

The film was released for access to all other subscribers, at no additional cost, three months after its original release. With Raya and the Last Dragon, the availability period is a little shorter, as well as the official release period for Disney Plus.


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