Discover Brazilian steampunk from Amazon Prime Video


The streaming platforms opened doors for Brazilian producers to create series of the most varied genres, such as the dystopian series 3%, launched on Netflix. Amazon Prime Video is not far behind and, last year, became the home of A Todo Vapor, a national production with a steampunk theme.

With eight episodes, the Brazilian production was launched in September in the Amazon service catalog and takes place in a retrofuturistic Brazil. The narrative is starred by Juca Pirama (Felipe Reis) and Capitu Machado (Thais Ribeiro), who investigate mysterious crimes in the interior of São Paulo, in 1908.

Fans of Brazilian literature must have recognized the names of the protagonists. The characters of A Todo Vapor are inspired by classic books of Brazilian culture, but adapted to a retrofuturistic universe.

Todo Vapor is produced by Cine Kings and Brasiliana Steampunk studios. The series also features the participation of Enéias Tavares, a Brazilian author who is known for steampunk-themed books.

Brazilian folklore on Netflix

Another Brazilian production that is coming to streaming services soon is Cidade Invisível. Produced in partnership with Netflix, the series will adapt characters from Brazilian folklore to a fantasy story with a climate of terror.

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