Discover All The Options Of Smart Positive Lamp


Smart Positive Lamp: Modernizing the environment is the new technological trend. The market already offers products that bring more practicality and innovation in day-to-day manual tasks, and still make the environment customizable and safer.

One of the most popular brands due to its cost-benefit is Positivo Casa Inteligente, which has smart gadgets such as lamps, plugs, sensors, cameras and more, all with smart features. Positivo’s smart devices integrate with your Wi-Fi network and smartphone, and are easily controlled and even help to maintain energy costs.

In this article, we have separated the smart lamp models from the brand for you to know and see that they deliver both cost-benefit and practicality on a daily basis. Check out:

Smart Wi-Fi Lamp

The Positivo Wi-Fi lamp is suitable for all moments and events, allowing full control through the Positivo Casa Inteligente app or voice command, in addition to integration with intelligent security systems. With simple installation and quick configurations, the equipment has 16 million colors in an LED with luminous flux of 806 lumens, enabling the use of the most varied tones in everyday life.

Through the application, it is also possible to enable timers, lighting schedules and intensity adjustments, in order to leave your lamp with the desired preferences.

Smart Spot Lamp

The model in Spot format combines discretion with power, bringing dual function to decorate and illuminate your environments. The equipment has a battery of more than 15 thousand hours of life and consumes little energy, being an interesting device to test various colors and lighting tones. The Spot lamp has full integration with the brand’s app and Alexa, and also allows the scheduling of timers, making it possible to schedule times to turn it on, off or adjust colors.

Smart Retro Bulb

For those who like a decorative and vintage touch at home, the smart retro lamp is perfect, and makes reference to traditional filament lamps, but with modern details such as its connection technology and colored glass. Its LED design delivers more durability and less energy consumption, allowing adjustments of all colors to define the best moments of your day.

The lamp is fully compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, and integrates with all the smart equipment in the house, combining unique times, tones and styles in the same ecosystem.


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