Discord Renews Its Usage Policy Banning Medical Advice


Discord: There are many users who have the Discord app on their mobile and computer. It is an interesting alternative to Microsoft Teams and to any massive video conferencing application, not to mention that it will serve as an information service and meeting point for many users on a specific topic. But the firm has become very serious about the information circulating today about COVID 19 and that is why it has changed its use policy.

Discord changes its usage policy after two years

When it works well you don’t need to change it. This is a maxim that many companies follow when developing their products. But in the case of applications, there is a lot to change over time and, above all, depending on what users do with the service.

In Discord there seems to be a good community, but this does not mean that some users try to do something wrong with some false or unfounded information. This has not only happened in the app itself, we have also seen it with the entire disinformation campaign that has circulated on the Internet with COVID 19. To this day there is still false information circulating regarding the virus, but Discord wants to stop this .

In fact, this is what the developer of the messaging application has done, calling for responsibility for “health advice” that can harm users.

According to The Verge, the new measures will come into force on March 28 and will aim to fight all anti-vaccine campaigns and those indications that are really harmful to people.

Discord legal director Clint Smith has said that everything will be taken in context and that action will be taken against all those who give such ‘medical advice’ that does more harm than good. The example he gives is that “if someone posts on Discord ‘drink four ounces of bleach and your body will get rid of the coronavirus’, it will be considered that it does serious damage to the person’s health and therefore measures must be taken to restrict the use of bleach. the platform.