Discord rejects Xbox offer: there will be no purchase and they will remain independent


Discord: Jason Citron’s VoIP instant messaging service will maintain its status as an independent company following discussions with Microsoft.Discord, the popular instant messaging service with text and VoIP voice chat, is not for sale. After talks with Microsoft regarding a possible sale, which would allow the brand to be linked to Xbox, the negotiations have been closed without a purchase agreement, which will allow Jason Citron’s startup to remain independent for the time being.

The information, advanced by The Wall Street Journal, maintains that Discord has not closed the doors to a possible public offering, which would bring the name of the firm closer to the stock market at an unknown time in the future. So much so that the source does not rule out a second chapter in this currently unfruitful romance. Microsoft is apparently not throwing in the towel and will try again if Discord doesn’t finally go public. The initial estimated valuation places the company above 10 billion dollars.

On the other hand, it should be said that Discord has already maintained contact with other multinational technology giants such as Epic Games and Amazon, whose presence in the gaming world is prominent; the first, with Epic Games Store, Fortnite, Unreal Engine … The second, with Twitch.

Why Microsoft is interested in Discord

Microsoft’s quest to find a service with its own name that is incorporated into its ecosystem has not found a formula for success. After bets like Mixer last July, which contained a millionaire investment with great streamers like Ninja and The Grefg – according to these content creators it worked like a charm – those of Redmond found in Discord a possible solution with which to compete directly with great competitor’s social networks.

The more than 140 million users of the platform as a way to create communities, chat by voice and text or get together for multiplayer games on video consoles that do not provide voice services in some titles, such as Nintendo, have made the idea of ​​Discord take hold. and, so far, gain weight and reputation in the market.

As of today, however, Discord remains independent.