Discord Reaches $ 7 Billion Worth


Discord, which enables players to communicate with each other in voice and text, reached a value of $ 7 billion by passing the 100 million player threshold. Discord is worth more than most game studios already.

Discord, which we can define as a voice and written communication application, spread extremely rapidly among PC players, although it was published only five years ago. Combining the most popular features of TeamSpeak with more complex features, Discord has become a more valuable application than many game studios today.

According to information shared by sources close to the company, Discord has reached a value of $ 7 billion 5 years after its launch, as an in-game communication tool than game studios such as Capcom ($ 3.44 billion), creator of the Resident Evil series and 2K Games ($ 3.22 billion), creator of the NBA 2K series. managed to be valuable.

Discord surpasses 100 million users in just 5 years

One of the most important reasons why Discord has become such a valuable application is that the number of users has almost doubled in the last year. While features such as video calling, screen sharing, Steam integration make Discord a much more functional tool; The popularization of communication tools due to the coronavirus pandemic made Discord surpass the 100 million user threshold.

In fact, gamers were using 3rd party in-game communication tools before Discord, but TeamSpeak and Skype, the most popular of these tools, could not fully meet the needs of the players. Discord has closed this gap by offering players a much more advanced communication tool and has won the appreciation of millions of gamers.

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