Discord May Have Just Leaked into the Next Monster Hunter Game


Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak was released and received critical acclaim just a few weeks ago, and although the expansion pack itself provided a huge amount of new content for the latest MH main game, Capcom has already mentioned that it has a full set of post-release updates. support with even more content planned for the future. However, this may not be the only new franchise that Capcom is preparing for its fans.

Users found curious links to a previously unannounced and unknown Monster Hunter game while browsing Discord data files. Apparently, there are several notable mentions of Monster Hunter: Paradise in the application, which have now become known, and the community does not understand what this mysterious project could be.

This apparent leak was first mentioned by Twitter user Naga the Bileygr, who claims that the data they found about Monster Hunter: Paradise is not only easily reproducible, but also confirmed by the official partner Discord, which underlines the reliability of this new information. shows. Of course, it’s worth noting that since Capcom has announced the release of content for MH: Sunbreak, it’s unlikely that Paradise, if it really exists, will materialize any time soon.

In addition to discussing whether Monster Hunter: Paradise is real in the first place, there is also the question of its role in the larger Monster Hunter franchise. In the end, several disparate branches appeared on this IP, not the least of which is the name Monster Hunter Stories 2, taming monsters. Capcom apparently intends to keep MH: Rise and its large Sunbreak expansion pack relevant for some time yet, making the hypothetical MH: Paradise an unlikely Monster Hunter 6 core game.

In any case, if Paradise does appear, it’s likely that Capcom will use it as a platform for some exciting new feature. For example, the Palamute riding hounds from Sunbreak added a completely new type of pet/partner dynamics to the game, which, in turn, significantly affected the possibility of re-passing the game and its durability for the better. It is worth noting that the scope of one such function, of course, will depend on whether MH: Paradise is a side project or a main project.

Since MH Rise: Sunbreak is considered by many to be one of the best DLC on the market, fortunately, it won’t be difficult to wait and see if Capcom will confirm or deny the existence of the Monster Hunter: Paradise game. Meanwhile, the community will have to sift through a huge amount of content, and if “Paradise” eventually materializes, it is unlikely to happen before the “Sunny Break” has already managed to be in the spotlight.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak has already been released for Nintendo Switch and PC.


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