Discord: Learn how to add bots to your chat


Discord is one of the most popular and functional apps for those who like to play and chat with their friends online. Once you’ve found the best servers, you can also make them even cooler by installing fun bots. Check out our tutorial below on how to install and activate bots on Discord!

How to add a bot to Discord

As the application has an open API, many developers create external software and integrate it with Discord to add functions that did not exist before. So, you need to find the bots on external websites. We highly recommend the Discord Bot List site, which our team has found to be safe and virus free. Access the site here.

There, you will have a list of all the existing bots on the platform and, best of all, a very functional search tool, which includes searches by theme or name. Once you are already on a server and with the Discord application turned on, go to the “Search” field and manually search for the desired bot.

Alternatively, if you have no idea of ​​the bot’s name, there are buttons just below the search window with themes, such as “music” or “moderation”. When you find a bot that looks good to you, just click on it and then press the “invite” button, which will send an invitation to the bot to your server.

This will open the Discord authentication page on your computer, as shown in the image below. Select the desired server and click “continue”.

Now just confirm your choice by clicking “Authorize” and that’s it, the bot will become part of the server chosen by you! It is important to note that each bot has its own commands and features, so experiment a lot until you find a bot that will make you totally satisfied.

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What is your favorite Discord bot? Do you like to play online chatting with your friends? Comment below!


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