Discord is giving away free YouTube Premium! How to take?


Discord, the communication platform frequently preferred by the players, distributes free YouTube Premium to Nitro subscribers.

In partnership with Epic Games and Discord, a free Nitro opportunity was offered to subscribers in the past months. While those who benefit from this campaign can still use the free Nitro service, another good news has come. Discord heralded the free YouTube Premium service valid for three months, with a notification to Nitro subscribers.

Three months of YouTube Premium for Discord Nitro subscribers

The Discord application was included in the Epic Games Store, which we know with the games it distributes free of charge, in the past months. As a reward for this partnership, which was reflected by the users, Epic Games distributed a three-month Nitro access code to those who were not previously Nitro subscribers. Discord is giving a similar gift as part of its new partnership with YouTube Premium. If you are a Discord Nitro subscriber, your account will receive a three-month YouTube Premium gift.

Even if you bought Nitro for free from Epic Games, you can take advantage of the opportunity. In any case, the package of Nitro, which has a price tag of $ 9.99, must be defined in your account.

How to get free YouTube Premium?

First of all, log in to your Discord Nitro-defined account from any platform. If you are probably a Nitro subscriber, you will encounter a notification at startup. If you don’t encounter it, no problem, follow the steps below :

  • Enter the user settings.
  • Find the “ Gift Inventory ” page from the list of settings.
  • You will see the “ YouTube Premium (quarterly) ” gift on the page.
  • After clicking the “See Code” button, copy the code that appears.
  • Click on the link here to enter YouTube’s code redemption page and paste the code Discord gave you.

People who have previously subscribed to YouTube Premium, Music Premium, or Play Music cannot use this code. When you try to try, you will get an error that you are using the code.

You must receive the code by October 30, 2021, at the latest, and activate it by December 1.


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