Discord ends negotiations and will no longer be purchased by Microsoft


Discord will no longer be sold to Microsoft. The information was released on Tuesday (20) by The Wall Street Journal, based on sources heard by the report.

Rumors about the acquisition began to circulate in March 2021, following a Bloomberg story. According to the speculation of the period, the talks were well advanced and the value of the platform could reach US $ 10 billion.

However, the deal has now ended – at least for now, as a future acquisition by Microsoft or another industry giant is not ruled out. So far, the two parties involved have not officially commented on the matter.

And now?

Also according to The Wall Street Journal, Discord preferred to take a different path in the short term, possibly even conducting a public offering of shares. Especially during the covid-19 pandemic, it gained even more popularity not only among online players, but for community building and even scamping groups.

Two other companies that were not named would have made offers for Discord, but they were also rejected in earlier negotiation stages. It is worth remembering that Microsoft also tried to buy the Chinese social network TikTok in the second half of 2020, but also did not complete the acquisition.


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