Discord Begins Testing For Official YouTube Integration


After taking down two of Discord‘s top music channels, Google looks set to make an official partnership for the platform with YouTube. Some users are already having access to a feature called Watch Together on certain servers.

The name of the function explains how it works. On servers that are participating in the test, users can enable Watch Together to watch YouTube videos together, similar to a screen-sharing gameplay stream in the app.

In its testing phase, the feature already comes with options to choose which users will be able to control the video, to pause, forward and so on. This makes it easy to watch even with several people at the same time, limiting access to controls to just a few.

The official integration feature is more interesting for Google because it will support YouTube ads within Discord as well, guaranteeing the giant’s receipts even when you watch through the app.

The test started small but should expand quickly. According to information from The Verge, Watch Together should reach more small servers soon, reaching even wider availability in the coming weeks.

Clearly the arrival of the feature so soon after the takedown of Rythm and Groovy – which frustrated its nearly 30 million users combined – is a way to mitigate their loss, as it will be possible to listen to the songs through Watch Together, despite the advertisements.


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