Discord adds stickers to liven up chats


All Nitro and Nitro Classic subscribers will receive a free permanent sticker pack (“What’s Up Wumpus”) on Discord

You’d think Discord would have jumped on the sticker bandwagon a long time ago given its sheer amount of customization, but it’s only now joining the party. The chat service is starting to implement stickers to add an animated touch to your responses. They will look very familiar if you’re used to peppered your conversations with stickers, but that probably won’t be a problem if you were expecting something more lively than the usual gestures.

It’s not surprising that Discord hopes to make money from this, although it may not pay as much as you expect. All Nitro and Nitro Classic subscribers will receive a free permanent sticker pack (“What’s Up Wumpus”), a subscriber-only pack, and a 33 percent discount on purchases.

Don’t expect to see stickers right away, depending on where you live. Discord will initially make them available only to Canadian users on Apple computers and devices (Android “is coming soon”), and has yet to describe releases in the US and other countries. Decal packs tend to cost $ 2 or $ 3 (about $ 1.50-2.25). However, when they do arrive, they may be just what you need to deliver an animated response when simple chat just isn’t enough.

Among Us achieves record Discord installs

The popularity of the InnerSloth Among Us party game had a ripple effect on Discord downloads, which have hit a new high every day since September 5.

That’s according to a new report from Apptopia, which noted that Discord installs started to surge within a couple of weeks after Among Us’s huge surge in popularity last month.

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The game sees players using voice chat to find out who is trying to sabotage the spaceship everyone is working on.

Downloads for both the game and the voice chat app were particularly prominent in the US, with 18.8% of all Among Us downloads and 21.5% of all Discord downloads coming from that territory since. on August 1st.


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