Disco Elysium creators promise to fix problems on PS5 and PS4


Disco Elysium: ZA / UM confirms the key points they will fix in the next Disco Elysium update on PS5 andPS4. The study promises to correct the problems.Disco Elysium is not exempt from suffering problems in its recent console release. ZA / UM is working on update 1.3, which will correct a multitude of bugs reported in its first days on the market.

Disco Elysium Update 1.3 on PS5 and PS4: Everything We Know

As the study explains through the game’s official website, the patch does not yet have a release date. “It’s our fault, it’s true. We are simply humans dreaming big, but those dreams don’t always come true as we hope. Anyway, we are going to try it, and we will repeat it until we get it to be correct. We will, ”they explain.

The list of corrections extends into 11 key points that we detail below:

Lots of dubbing fixes.

Kim tracking improvements.

Fixed controller interaction during “Seafort Dream”.

Fixed controller interaction with “The Pigs”.

Fixed “Sandcastle” interaction

Fixed interaction with the car

Fixed some moments where the tide did not recede near the swings.

Pawn shop interaction fixes.

Fixed slowdowns in the thought booth.

Fixed bugs in save data.

Fixes for video scene crashes and controller interactions.

The arrival of Disco Elysium to the console under The Final Cut edition is one of the great RPGs that will be released throughout 2021. Check out our complete selection through this link. On the other hand, the basic version for PC was updated for free to the contents of this new format. In the event that you want to acquire it on PS5 and PS4, you should know that with a single purchase you will get a digital license for both consoles. Its sale price is 39.99 euros.