Disco Elysium and other RPGs under the radar to come


We review some RPGs that are to come and stay away from the big lights, with the great Disco Elysium as the highlight.

Lovers of the role of always are in luck. The genre began to resurface thanks to the initiative of some large studios such as Obsidian and Larian Studios on Kickstarter, and for some time now, it is very easy to find proposals with classic RPG mechanics, further away from the focus of the most successful games in recent years, with franchises like The Elder Scrolls, The Witcher, Mass Effect, and a long etcetera. These days we have seen how a great title such as Disco Elysium will soon arrive on consoles, with which it is possible to discover some other video games that remain under the radar, but which should not be lost sight of. Let’s see some of them:

Disco Elysium: The Final Cut

It has been almost two years since we received nothing less than from Estonia, a country that is not very prolific in our world, not one of the best classic role-playing games, but one of the best titles in recent times. Not surprisingly, it was even considered as a candidate for Game of the Year in many publications, and the achievement of the small ZA / UM study is remarkable, showing that an inexhaustible source of resources is not necessary – which amounts to a budget. – when ideas are above all. Completely dispensing with a combat system, with a story and characters that can be improved and very deep, and a progress system based on thoughts, as well as attributes, Disco Elysium is one of the essentials for any fan of the genre whatever its aspect. favorite.

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Black legend

Just out of the oven – it was launched last Thursday – is Black Legend, a strategic RPG run by a small Belgian studio – land of the also great Larian Studios – Warcave. With an attractive Victorian setting, this title places us in the fictional city of Grant, covered in a mist whose origin must be investigated by a group of mercenaries that we must manage, not only in combat, but also outside of it, with an important component also exploration. The fight against the hordes of Mephisto, the game’s main antagonist, is curiously based on the use of alchemy and the unlocking of classes, since there are up to 15 different ones with different abilities and equipment, granting a remarkable playable variety.

Gothic Remake

Originally launched in 2001, Gothic, then by Pyranha Bites, will receive a remake this year that, according to first impressions, will give it a very important facelift. Gothic takes us to a fantasy world where King Rhobar II exercises his power over some mines that provide the necessary magical mineral, creating through court magicians the creation of a barrier to protect it, although as usually happens in these cases, he does not everything goes as expected, and a riot at the hands of the workers ensues. Our role is that of one of those prisoners, who discovers camps as the story progresses, and although playably it does not have any point that can be considered revolutionary, it is a solid game, since at the time it was valued above 80% in Metacritic, and will also incorporate some updated mechanics.


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