Disco Elysium already has a Spanish translation


The most acclaimed and award-winning indie of 2019 can now be officially enjoyed in Spanish and thanks to several translators from Clan DLAN.

One of the best news of the week. Disco Elysium, one of the most successful indies of 2019, already has its own translation into Spanish. And taking into account the enormous amount of text that this RPG has (with a 9.4 in the MeriStation analysis), we are talking about a capital work that has been possible thanks to some of the members of, of course, Clan DLAN, one of the most important video game translation websites in our country. In addition, the translation has been accepted as official by ZA / UM, the game’s developer, which has paid the members of great effort and has allowed that no patch has to be unofficially installed. Now Spanish can be chosen as the language in the drop-down list that appears within the game menu itself. To get an idea of ​​the speed and efficiency of the translation, just see that Disco Elysium is only available in English, Korean and Spanish, with its translations into French, German and Russian, among others, still less than 70%.

“We believe that thanks to the fantastic reception that the translation has had and the sales it has generated (and is generating), we have sent a very important message to the video game industry and developers everywhere. The message that the Spanish-speaking community it is huge and must be taken into account so that the titles reach our language properly “, you can read on the project website. “Thanks again to all of you who have supported this project from the beginning, and especially to Clan DLAN, where it was born. You just have to enjoy the translation!

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