Disclosure from Intel: We passed Apple M1 processors


The computer industry’s response to Apple’s new M1 chips has been pretty quiet until now. Following the positive results of Apple’s ARM-based chips in terms of impressive performance and battery life, Intel made its first official announcement for Apple’s new M1 MacBooks with its review.

11th Gen Intel processors surpass Apple M1

Intel has released a new benchmark, highlighting differences between Adobe Premiere Pro exports and tasks in both Photoshop and Lightroom Classic. Intel’s 11th Gen processors outperformed Apple’s M1 processor in all tasks.

Intel also tested gameplay on both chips to indicate that most games are not available on macOS. Among the games tested, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Hitman, and Borderlands 3 run at higher average frame rates on the M1.

Most of the tests performed are not industry standard benchmarks because Intel has tested it with hardware acceleration technology for a MacBook Air and MacBook Pro specifically for battery life tests. Also, MacBook Pro battery life turned out to be superior to MacBook Air and similar Windows laptops, but MacBook Air outperformed PCs with Intel processors by just 6 minutes.

Intel also argues that PCs offer more options, better peripheral compatibility, and multi-monitor support. Especially when you consider that the M1 processor MacBook Pro and Air only support a single external display, the difference is obvious.

Intel is clearly thought to be concerned about Apple’s early chips, and the company is expected to respond with its own processors rather than comparative tests. Intel’s new CEO, Pat Gelsinger, is said to have spoken to his inner circle that he is ready to fight Apple’s M1 chips in the coming years, and that Intel should surpass Apple in the future.