Discarded prototypes of the new console appear


The Xbox Series S designer has shown the early designs of the console, confessed the reasons for its color and explained its code name and development.

The design of a console is always important. So much so that its conception begins years before the specifications of the platform are even closed. Thanks to an article on the Medium portal, we have learned that, in the specific case of Xbox Series S, Microsoft started working on its appearance back in 2017. At that time, several company hardware managers visited the home of some of the brand’s fans , who were asked to unplug their current Xbox and put in its place a series of rectangular cubes and boxes. “We wanted to know his reaction to the different silhouettes,” lead designer Chris Kujawski told the magazine. “What we didn’t want to hear is that they looked like a microwave.” Today, knowing the final appearance of the console, we can also take a look at those prototypes, once top secret.

Why those colors and design?

Throughout the interview, Kujawski provides some interesting details about the development of Xbox Series S. Thus, for example, the designer assures that they tried to make the console only black or only white, but admits that they ended up looking like “a a little boring”. They believed that the color scheme allowed them to “pay homage to previous generations” while their high contrast gave them the feeling of something new. Kujawski also confesses that this model was known internally as “Slice” because it looked just like that, as if they had taken a portion of Xbox Series X.

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