Disbanded the “Darknet”, arrested 179 criminals


A mega-operation by the European and American authorities, Europol and the FBI, managed to arrest 179 criminals from the “darknet”.

The famous, but dangerous network called “darknet” was dismantled by authorities from different countries in a security mega-operation against the aforementioned network, which left the balance of 179 detained criminals, who are in custody and who are currently declaring to arrest to more members of this “organization”.

According to Europol, the operation secured more than 6.5 million dollars in cash and virtual currencies, in addition to 500 kilograms of various drugs; the alleged culprits were arrested in the US, Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, Austria and Sweden.

The United States recorded more “darknet” detainees

It was learned that of the 179 arrested, 121 were in the United States, while the rest were in Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Austria and Sweden, which were discovered thanks to the arduous work of the authorities, who located a lonely page , dedicated to the illicit sale.

Europol based in The Hague, the suspects have participated in tens of thousands of sales of illicit products on the “darknet”, full of illegal activities, the same site that was used for trafficking in persons, which is why at this time the They are asking for more information from more members of this site.

Police also seized about 500 kg of drugs, including fentanyl, oxycodone and heroin, as well as about 60 firearms, said Europol, which coordinated its work with the European judicial cooperation unit, Eurojust.

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