Disappointment of the year? Boy gets cake from Ricky Martin when he wanted one from Rick and Morty


An animated hit
Rick and Morty is one of the most popular animated series of the moment. The adventures of the grandfather and grandson duo, on various interdimensional journeys, have won the hearts of young and old alike. Although technically it is a series only for the adult public.



The popularity of Rick and Morty has led them to foray into various fronts outside of television. They were already in video games thanks to Fortnite, they already had a live action version with Doc Brown himself and they even came to the movies with Space Jam: A new Legacy. It seems that they are conquering the world, but, apparently, the art of baking is not yet ready for its genius.

Rick and Morty’s failed cake

In the last hours, the story of a young woman and her 16-year-old cousin has gone viral. The young woman shared a video on her TikTok account where she tells the interesting story of her cousin, a Rick and Morty fan. He wanted to celebrate his birthday with a cake from his favorite cartoon, but the pastry shop may not be in line with today’s youth.

Upon arriving at the bakery to pick up the dessert in question, his relatives were surprised by a very beautiful cake, but decorated with a picture of the singer Ricky Martin. For anyone uninitiated, it’s very easy to confuse the singer’s name with that of the popular Adult Swim duo Rick and Morty.

We know that the young woman took it with humor, but we hope that her cousin has also seen the humor of the situation. Although she may not have been able to celebrate his birthday with his favorite characters, Rick and Morty, it was not all a loss, as she was able to celebrate with an image of one of the most important Latin artists of today.

It is not the first time that a confusion arises between Rick and Morty, and Ricky Martin, since a few years ago he happened something similar. During a school exchange, a student asked for a mug from the cartoon, but received one from the two-time Grammy winner. So next time you order something from this beloved show, make sure the salesperson knows what you’re talking about.


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