Disable YouTube Ads with a Single Point Written to URL


YouTube shows ads between videos to customers who do not receive Premium service. People who are dissatisfied with this situation are trying to avoid this with various add-ons. A single “.” You will write to the URL today. We will show you how to disable ads with.

Google launched the Premium service on YouTube last year. This service ensures that no advertisements are displayed while watching videos for a certain fee. Of course, there are other ways to prevent advertisements while watching videos. These ways are add-ons like Adblock.

A new error on Reddit is that you will add YouTube ads to the “URL” part of the video without using any plugins. allows you to remove with. We have to say that this error is currently working on the web version. Smartphone users can access YouTube without ads using their web browsers.

How do I block YouTube ads without installing plug-ins?

According to the information revealed by a Reddit user, we need to tap the video’s URL to get rid of the ads on the YouTube video. What we will do is to replace “www.youtube.com/(video URL)” with “www.youtube.com./(video URL)”. So you are typing “.com. /” Instead of “.com /” in the URL section of YouTube.

Does it work on other sites?

This error is not just YouTube-specific, in fact. Payment walls of pages such as the New York Times can easily be overcome by using a URL in this way.

Of course, there is something to say at this point. This error is not entirely illegal, YouTube has its own deficit at the core of the event. What may be a bit sad is that YouTube will probably resolve this error very soon, as the error is now appearing. While you can still use it, you can take advantage of this gap in YouTube.


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