DiRT 5, versatility and arcade fun; honey to the four wheels


The new installment of the Codemasters driving saga manages to consolidate a style and gives off good ideas, a great start for the new generation.

We thought that we were going to run out of new driving games this Christmas, without an engine to release the new Sony and Microsoft consoles, but Codemasters has managed to arrive on time with DiRT 5, which in addition to being intergenerational raises a mix between what we have been seeing with the numbered series and its other more delicate to the rally. Here’s a bit of everything, an arcade flavor brilliantly calibrated to achieve a remarkable result. And it is at the same time a real shame, because with wickers to become a benchmark it has ended up sinning from problems that we are going to know below. A great flavor, but one that fails to achieve excellence.

The best of two worlds: what is DiRT 5

This intellectual property has been deliberately experimental from its inception. The British study knows the engine like few others; They understand the world of four wheels and have a love for the wheel. There is no doubt about that. In fact, they have an extraordinary streak with an excellent F1 2020, but they had an outstanding debt with DiRT. If the second and third iterations of the series were more arcade-driven, both DiRT 4 and DiRT Rally 2.0 preferred to focus more on the challenge. This attempt to get to know your audience better has led to the smartest decision: not too much, not too little, but to find a balance. DiRT 5 is balanced, accessible, as we will see later; but above all, it is extremely fun.

Nothing happens to say that Forza Horizon 4 is the mirror in which the rest of the studies look when they get down to work with a driving title closer to the arcade, anything goes. At the end of the day, Playground Games has not settled for bordering on excellence, but has made it its own, raising the bar so high that it makes comparison inevitable. DiRT 5 does not reach that level, but neither does it claim to. This is not an open world (and it does not need it either), but it respects a traditional phase and level structure, with short tests, races, unique tracks in descents where everything is calculated by percentages, time trials, head to head … If you like the genre or the saga, DiRT 5 is going to like you because it feels very DiRT. And this was very important, not to lose the essence. Is it a familiar formula, even outdated? Sure, but he remains as young as the first day.

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Addictive, fun and quiz-packed campaign mode

When it comes to content, DiRT 5 is overflowing. We really liked the (Trajectory) campaign. What begins with a single test begins to spread into branches; that is, routes that are separated over and over again to set out different paths and that, in essence, there are a total of three main paths. Completing everything can go perfectly at 25 hours, although if you only follow one of the routes in about 15 hours you can see the credits. The progress system is based on the accumulation of coins in each trial. If we win, we get three coins; if we are in the first positions, a couple; and if we only meet one of the objectives we will only get one.


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