DiRT 5 Increases Its Number of Players on Xbox Game Pass: “It Was Crazy”


DiRT 5: Codemasters makes a positive reading of the foray of the video game into Microsoft’s service, which has 23 million subscribed players.The arrival of DiRT 5 to Xbox Game Pass last February has resulted in a significant increase in its number of players. Available to subscribed users on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and xCloud (Xbox Cloud Gaming) modes, the Codemasters title has found a new home after a less successful launch than desired.

“It has been absolutely fantastic. Just fantastic, ”DiRT 5 technical director David Srpingate commented on the GameOnDaily podcast in the voice of Codemasters, which was recently acquired by Electronic Arts. “Regarding players, I am not going to say a figure because I am sure I will be wrong, but it was surprisingly huge. It was crazy, ”he says. The game found a showcase that currently has about 23 million subscribed members.

“We were very happy to see that level of commitment, it was really great to see that it had such a positive effect on the game and the way it is talked about,” he adds, in relation to the welcome of DiRT 5 on Xbox Game Pass . He also clarifies that the figures for the first week are no longer so “massive”, but that it remains stable and “some really good numbers” of players.

As a context, on Steam their numbers are really low, with less than 100 concurrent players a day, according to the SteamCharts database.

DiRT 5, one of the best installments of the Codemasters saga

We liked DiRT 5 a lot since its release, but it had certain technical problems that tarnished a currently very, very superior result. We were able to analyze it on Xbox One and Xbox Series X and S; It is in these last two where it shines most strongly thanks to its visual display, reduced loading times and a control that continues to be excellent within the arcade video game proposals.

“DiRT is still DiRT, an episode that takes the best of the first three numbered installments and that does not forget to provide the excellent stage design of the Rally side.” From DiRt 5 we highlight its flawless playability, as well as the remarkable mix between arcade and rally, a very deep and artistically superb trajectory mode.

DiRT 5 is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5, and Xbox Series X | S. Members subscribed to Xbox Game Pass can access it at no additional cost.


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