DIRT 5 Gets PS5 Update With DualSense Improvements


DIRT 5: In a message published on the official PlayStation blog, Codemasters announced the release of a new update for the version of DIRT 5 for PlayStation 5 that brings, among its new features, the inclusion of all the features of DualSense.

“Notice that there will be changes in traction in different terrains, feel the handbrake while slowly lowering it, as well as shifting gears and find the limit of adhesion while driving and accelerating”, says the message that explains the new regarding the controls.

Added to this, players will also find improvements to 3D Audio, as well as brand new content for Playground mode, new trophies to collect and two brand new tracks. All of this content, along with a paid DLC called Super Size Content Pack, will be available to everyone from July 20th.


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