DiRT 5: Codemasters to redesign haptic features on PS5


Although no one has complained at the moment, the developers are not happy with the end result. DiRT 5 has been one of the launch games for next-generation consoles.

Both Xbox Series X / S and PS5 have been able to enjoy an improved version on their machine. In the case of the Sony console, the DualSense control implements a series of new features with respect to the rest of the controls. In addition to introducing adaptive triggers, it also offers the possibility of enjoying haptic vibration. However, Codemasters is not happy with the work they have done on their driving license.

This was stated by technical director David Springate in an interview with GameOnDaily, in which he also reported that they have already improved the implementation of adaptive triggers. The studio is far from convinced with what they have done with the haptic functionalities, so they are immersed in a review process to improve and update the product soon, and that no player has publicly complained, at least according to the developer.

They think to redo it

“I’ve seen a lot of people saying, ‘I want to buy DiRT 5 on PS5 because of haptic technology.’ It is really interesting for me because I have observed many users in various forums and on the DiRT 5 Discord ”. According to his words, many people have said they are happy with the haptic technology on PS5. “We are not happy with it, we are going to review it even though no one has told us they hate DiRT 5 haptics.” Therefore, they are going to “remake” it.

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DiRT 5 is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC, and Google Stadia. Codemasters, the studio responsible for the project, is in negotiations with Take-Two Interactive as the owners of Rockstar Games intend to acquire the studio to strengthen their sports products. When? If all goes according to plan, early 2021.


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