DirectX 12 Ultimate Announces Combining the Graphics Technology of PC Games and Xbox Series X


Microsoft unveiled DirectX 12 Ultimate, the development tool that will combine the graphics of computer and Xbox Series X games. DX12 Ultimate will make it easy to optimize games for Nvidia and AMD graphics cards.

Microsoft has released a new version of the software programming interface DirectX 12, which sets its own development standards in gaming and multimedia graphics technology. With the DirectX 12 Ultimate (DX12 Ultimate), the features of the Xbox platform are combined with the gaming capabilities of Windows.

DX12 Ultimate doesn’t bring big changes compared to standard DX12. DX12 Ultimate combines a series of software enhancements that make it easier to optimize games for Xbox Series X games for Nvidia and AMD graphics cards. The API also continues to maintain legacy computer and Xbox hardware support.

DX12 Ultimate, published by Microsoft, provides the right tools to ensure that many graphics features, such as varying ratio shading, are supported on a single platform using the Nvidia RTX graphics card.

Using DX12 Ultimate, games can be run on a variety of Xbox devices and both AMD and Nvidia graphics cards. AMD said it supports DX12 Ultimate with a statement. Almost all graphics cards of Nvidia, which work more closely with Microsoft, support DX12 Ultimate, while only new graphics cards from AMD will support DX12 Ultimate.

DX12 Ultimate will lead to the development of better-looking games, while at the same time, it will allow more efficient use of limited resources to achieve graphics that require high-level hardware.


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