Director of “Sonic: The Edgehog” reacts to the success of the film


Jeff Fowler thanked fans via twitter. The movie ” Sonic: The Edgehog ” seems to be taking flight after a rather bittersweet start.

After the negative reactions received by his first trailer and the premiere delay for his re-design, Jeff Fowler , director of the film, took the time to thank the public for the warm reception that the film has received on its weekend of premiere.

“What a day! There are no words to describe the appreciation that one hundred at this time. They have taken this little blue hedgehog to epic heights. We could not have done it without the fans … Thank you for the love and support. The future looks bright for the blue spot.”

His words are not for less, because everything indicates that he could reach the sum of 65 million dollars in his first weekend collection, as well as the acceptance of critics and fans alike.

” Sonic: The Edgehog ” is the adaptation of the videogame franchise created by Sega , and tells the story of an extraterrestrial being looking for a way to return home, facing the evil Dr. Eggman , played by Jim Carrey .