Director of “Ghost in the Shell” is not at all a fan of “Joker”


“Joker” may have become a colossal triumph with multiple awards that included two Oscars, extraordinary box office winnings and general praise from the public and critics, but this does not mean that it was everyone’s favorite.

And apparently Mamoru Oshii, the director known for his work in cult films such as “Ghost In The Shell” is among those who were not very impressed with Todd Phillips’ tape, expressing his preference for Heath Ledger’s work with the character .

“I prefer [al] Joker in Dark Knight. This Joker is unfortunate and not intelligent. My standard for assessing evil is intelligent or not,” he said recently in an interview shared by otakujp.

“From intelligence comes evil. Despair for humanity is a precondition. Fundamentally, this movie is not beautiful”

“Hayao Miyazaki says he wants to show a dream even in the movie. I don’t think so, but I don’t want to describe dirty things as they are. I dare to say that, however cruel, they should show us a beautiful and impressive world even for a moment. “concluded the filmmaker.