Director of “Dahmer” and “13 Reasons Why” Gregg Araki Tells How It Works For TV World


Despite the fact that they feature the same artistic elements, the worlds of television and cinema are completely different. One of the main things is that shooting a movie takes longer than shooting an episode of a TV show. However, they both have their own distinctive qualities that make the audience feel something. Gregg Araki, director of Damer and 13 Reasons Why, who has worked in both fields, shared his experience and differences.

The American director, known for his active participation in the New Queer Cinema movement, won the Cannes Queer Palm Film Festival. During a conversation with Tora Simsen from Metrograph, Araki talked about many things, including road movies, mortality, his personal life and much more. Talking about the life of a famous director, Simsen asked him about his experience in the world of television.

Araki has a unique vision of his work. Realizing this vision is easier and easier when making a movie. However, it becomes a little difficult to implement a new vision in an already established structure. Therefore, according to Gregg Araki, working in the world of television, he felt as if he had returned to film school. He added that although the artists tried to make the series as good as possible, it would not be their job. He will use all his directing and cinematographic skills to create an episode and create a cool little mini-TV.

In addition, talking about the process of creating a TV show, the 63-year-old actor estimated that it would take about 10 days to shoot the episode. And he also told how nice it was to do his own show called “Apocalypse Now”. Now, with Dahmer renewed for a second season, will Gregg Araki return?

Will Gregg Araki direct the next season of “Damer”?

Dahmer’s first season received many mixed reviews. Nevertheless, it was a huge commercial success. The series also received critical comments about the LGBTQ+ tag, which was later removed. Nevertheless, Netflix has announced the renewal of the documentary series for two more seasons.

In the first season, Araki directed the eighth episode titled Lionel. Now, with the documentary series update, fans are looking forward to an unsettling thriller. Although there is no official announcement of Araki’s participation in the second season, the application of his creatively unique vision in the series will certainly enhance the effect.

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