Director Halina Rein talks about “bodies, bodies, bodies”


Director Halina Rein joins the show to discuss her new film “Bodies, Bodies, Bodies” starring Amanda Stenberg, Maria Bakalova, Rachel Sennott and Pete Davidson. We’re talking about the incredible ending of the film (no spoilers!), working with her actors to create a special tone and realism, her use of music and score, as well as how inventively they allow the actors to light each other up in the dark night of the film. scenes.

Stay tuned to read our review of Bodies Bodies Bodies, a breakdown of the Batgirl saga in DC and more. Finally, Phil Contrino of the National Association of Theater Owners stops by to chat about a positive view of the theater’s future.

Timestamps (only approximately)

00:03:58 – Interview with Galina Rein
00:29:39 – Is A24 a director’s studio?
00:40:03 — Explanation of HBO Max and DC
00:55:26 – Interview: anticipation of the theatrical experience
01:11:40 – This week in the cinema
01:12:38 – Review of “Mark and Rita”
01:16:06 – Review of “Body Body Body”
01:22:02 – Our favorite book adaptations
01:42:43 – End

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